Sex Tourism Crimes

If you’ve been accused, arrested, or charged with sex tourism involving a child, or the often-related crime of sex trafficking, it’s important that you do all that you can to defend yourself. The state and federal authorities will bring all their power to bear against you in an effort to get a conviction; you need to have someone equally powerful in your defense.

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What is Sex Tourism?

Broadly speaking, the definition of sex tourism is the act of traveling (domestic or international) to engage in sexual activity with adult or child prostitutes. It’s said to be a multi-billion dollar industry. Though child sexual abuse law varies depending on the country, an American can still be prosecuted under U.S. law for engaging in sexual activity with a minor while abroad.

If you were charged with a sex crime in the State of Maryland, this is what you need to know about accusations against a person who lives out of state.

  • Sex tourism. Under federal U.S. sex tourism laws, you can be prosecuted for traveling to another country and having sex with a minor, whether or not the minor was a child prostitute. Sex with a prostitute under 18, for example, can lead to charges.
  • Sex trafficking. The line from sex tourism to sex trafficking is short, and law enforcement generally considers sex trafficking to be a form of modern-day slavery. As such, the consequences of a sex trafficking charge are extremely serious.

As a Maryland resident, you can still be charged with any of these crimes, even though the alleged sexual activity or solicitation happened out-of-state. And those who travel to Maryland from out-of-state or abroad also face prosecution for child prostitution and child sexual abuse under state law.

Attorneys for Sex Crimes in Baltimore, MD

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