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Maryland Criminal Defense Blog

Human trafficking to stay a misdemeanor in Maryland

If you've been accused of kidnapping someone or are being investigated as part of a rape or sex crime scandal, then you may be interested to know that while many rape-related crimes are felonies, human trafficking is not. Despite the fact that human trafficking is well-known in Maryland, which is known as a hot-spot for the crime, it has not yet reached felony status. That means those who are accused can only receive a misdemeanor, even though people in assault or rape cases could be penalized via a felony.

While some people may argue that human trafficking is something that should be a felony under law, that's not going to be the case in Maryland, according to news from March 26. Human trafficking, which involves slavery and potentially rape or assault, is classified as being a misdemeanor in Maryland.

What are some criminal defense ideas for federal charges?

If you've been accused of a crime in Maryland, then you may be wondering what kinds of options you have for defending yourself. It's possible to use several tactics to do so. Here are a few you may be able to apply to your case.

Take for instance this scenario. If you were attacked and forced to fight with someone to defend yourself, you could be said to have been in duress. If your fight resulted in you killing your attacker, it could be possible to have the murder charge eliminated if you can prove that you had no motive and were in danger. If you were under threat of bodily harm or death, this is one defense you may be able to fall back on. This type of defense may also be similar to a defense alleging self defense.

Cyber threats and school shootings: Teen faces prison in Maryland

The nation was watching when Columbine took place, and when Colorado was the center of a shooting, millions of viewers held their breath. School shootings have taken place in Maryland already this year in February, and it's not likely to be the last time you hear about this kind of tragedy. A case that's taking place in Michigan relates to every other shooting, as it shows how quick reactions can help, or hurt, a student.

A 17-year-old student has been charged with the threat of terrorism at school. He pleaded no contest to using an app, called After School, to post threats. He allegedly threatened to cause a shooting similar to Columbine.

Protect yourself against robbery accusations in Maryland

There are plenty of situations that can be misconstrued into something they aren't. Consider a situation where you stay overnight at an acquaintance's house. Maybe you even slept together. In the morning, he or she decides you're trespassing and reports you to the police, claiming you're there to rob the home. Even though this isn't true, you could be charged with breaking and entering unless you can prove that you were there legitimately.

If you've been accused of a crime like breaking and entering or robbery, you need to understand the full implications of the charges. In Maryland, theft of property or money with the use of force can be categorized in a number of ways, potentially making the crime a felony.

Can military members defend property forcefully in Maryland?

As a military member in Maryland, you may think that because you have a right to have weapons in your home, you can use them to defend your property. In many situations, defending your property with these kinds of weapons or even just with your own hands can result in penalties. Service members are at particular risk of this kind of situation backfiring thanks to Article 128 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

This code states that you have the right to remove someone from your property but that you can't use any more force than is necessary to do so. In order to defend yourself, you'll have to be able to show that you didn't use more force than necessary to remove a trespasser from your property. Otherwise, you can be charged with assault.

The difference between parole and probation in Colorado

If you've been accused of a crime, you want to understand the potential punishments. If you face probation or parole, you'll need to understand what those terms imply. They are very different and mean different things for your future.

Parole is a conditional release from prison that criminal offenders may receive. When a prisoner is up for parole, he or she may go before a parole board who will then make the decision on whether or not he should be allowed out of prison. Parole is also when a prisoner is released on statute. For instance, if the prisoner will be released with active supervision, that would be an example of being released on statute.

What's an expungement in Maryland?

Expungements are better known as a way to remove court and police records from public inspection. Essentially, when you have a record expunged, employers, relatives and even random members of the public will no longer be able to pull up your records.

To be eligible for an expungement, you must fall under one of several categories. For instance, if you were found not guilty of a crime, then your record should be expunged. This won't, however, eliminate media coverage, which can persist thanks to the Internet and archiving news sources. You may have to request those be removed separately.

Government takes a stand against revenge porn internet crimes

This news from Jan. 29 is interesting, especially for those who have been accused of using revenge porn against an ex-lover. The U.S. Government has started taking steps against this kind of retaliation, with the Federal Trade Commission making the unprecedented move of reaching a settlement with one of the alleged operators of a revenge porn website. The settlement bans the man from posting nude photos or videos of people, regardless of who they are, without their consent.

Revenge porn, as a term, refers only to nude photos or videos of a person that are shared in order to get revenge or to cause humiliation. That doesn't necessarily mean the images themselves are pornographic in nature; being nude is enough to fall under this category.

Man accused of stealing over $20,000 of goods in Maryland

If you've ever had the urge to steal from a store due to being unable to afford items or wanting to have something you saw without paying, then you know that it's a criminal offense to do so. Stealing can lead to federal charges in some cases, especially when the amount you've stolen grows into the thousands of dollars' worth of products.

This shocking story may enlighten some readers about what happened to over $20,000 worth of stolen merchandise from area stores in Federalsburg, Maryland. According to a report from Jan. 24, a man from Dorchester County, Maryland, was arrested with over $20,000 of merchandise in his home.

Don't let a violation of probation land you in jail in Maryland

Parole and probation are different, but both can be violated accidentally or purposefully. Probation refers to those placed on supervision in the community. For example, a person on probation may have an ankle monitor and have to follow strict guidelines about where he or she can be at any particular time.

Parole is different, as it refers to criminal offenders who are now being released from prison and allowed to serve the remainder of their sentence in the community. These individuals must report to a parole officer and follow the conditions of their parole.