Tax Fraud

Tax fraud cases are serious precisely because you’re dealing with the Maryland state taxing authority and the federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS cannot catch and prosecute everyone who may get themselves into trouble with income taxes, but it does take its collections job seriously. Because the IRS is serious about collecting unpaid taxes, it will bring substantial resources to bear in IRS audits and investigations in order to succeed.

And if the IRS audit uncovers evidence of tax fraud or evasion, you are likely to be subject to criminal prosecution. For that reason, if you are under investigation by the IRS or Maryland taxing authority, it makes sense to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates as soon as possible.

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Lawyer for Tax Fraud in Baltimore, Maryland

For the past 18 years and counting, I have defended clients against a range of tax fraud and tax-related crimes, including:

  • Misstated income and false write-offs
  • Failure to file tax returns Using a false or misappropriated
  • Social Security number or tax ID number Sales tax fraud
  • Employment/payroll tax fraud
  • Tax evasion through offshore accounts and trust accounts

For example, the IRS generally characterizes false tax returns as including those returns that “inflate” business or personal expenses. It may seek to prove that your income was misreported intentionally.

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Resolve Tax Fraud Charges in the State of Maryland

The lawyers at James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates can help you understand the numerous ways to get in trouble when it comes to taxes. Many tax fraud cases overlap with other areas of fraud, from mortgage fraud to racketeering. You want to avoid prison and fines, and the IRS wants to get paid. If you come forward early enough, and with the proper kind of defense, you can minimize the consequences of an IRS audit or IRS investigation. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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