Newer kid on the block: Alcohol anklets in DWI cases

Newer kid on the block: Alcohol anklets in DWI cases

Here comes the alcohol anklet, just as use of the ignition interlock device has been gaining more and more favor among judges in drunk-driving cases. The ignition interlock is a device that is installed on the cars of those who have been convicted of DWI; ignition interlocks prevent the car from starting up if the would-be driver has been drinking.

The alcohol anklet, on the other hand, monitors a person’s alcohol levels through the skin. The anklet monitors alcohol levels 24 hours a day. It’s not a new thing – some judges have been ordering use of the alcohol anklet for years – but overcrowding of jails and repeat DWI offenses have led some groups to advocate its use.

As Niko Kyriakou reports for the San Francisco Examiner, the leader of one such group says, “DUI and hardcore drunk drivers are filling our jails. If we are able to use these tools for people and keep them clean and sober in their home and in the community, the odds of them getting out of the criminal justice system are improved.”

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