Were you wrongly accused of DUI in Baltimore?

Were you wrongly accused of DUI in Baltimore?

Numerous Maryland drivers are arrested each year for drunk driving charges. Some of these drivers may have been certain that they had not drunk too much before getting behind the wheel. The thing is, even if you have only drunk a little bit of alcohol at a party, your breath may still have the smell of alcohol on it and a police officer might wrongly judge you as inebriated when it was actually safe for you to drive.

Baltimore police officers have an important responsibility to keep the roadways safe and clear of intoxicated and dangerous drivers. However, police are not infallible in their judgments and they are definitely known to make mistakes. Fortunately, Maryland courts are well aware of the fact that officers do not always make the right decisions when choosing to arrest and charge individuals with crimes. It is also for this reason that every Maryland driver accused of drunk driving will have the opportunity to assert legal defenses in court to maintain his or her innocence.

Every DUI case is different and requires an in-depth analysis to reveal the best strategies for defense. For this reason, drivers accused of crimes in Baltimore will want to be as up-front as possible with their legal representatives, to be sure that they can formulate strategies to address different weaknesses in their cases, while taking advantage of any areas of strength.

At the Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr., we take great pride in helping individuals accused of DUI to navigate the Maryland court system. In representing our clients, we always work to build our client’s confidence and trust in our abilities, and we are committed to educating our clients about their legal rights and options. Client relationships should be built on a foundation of trust. Then, on top of that foundation, are added the best legal services and criminal defense strategies available.

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