Underage drinking and possession: Your child's future is at stake

Underage drinking and possession: Your child's future is at stake

Young people often make mistakes, but there’s no reason for those mistakes to ruin the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, an underage driving under the influence charge can make a large impact on a teen or young adult’s life.

It’s illegal for anyone to possess or drink alcohol in Maryland if they’re younger than 21. Anyone under that age that has more than .02 percent alcohol in their blood when tested with a breath test can be charged with underage drinking. Underage possession can be a charge your child faces if he’s in possession of alcohol for any reason while under the age of 21. Your child doesn’t even have to be driving when this happens; the police could raid a party or stop him for an offense on the streets.

It’s normal for children, teens and young adults to feel threatened or intimidated by a police officer, but your child still has rights during a police stop or arrest. He doesn’t have to give any incriminating evidence against himself and has a right to wait for an attorney before answering any of the police officer’s questions.

Underage drinking is a misdemeanor in Maryland, and that means your child could be left with a criminal record. He shouldn’t have to have a blemished record over a single mistake. Retaining a criminal defense lawyer to represent your son or daughter is a prudent move. The attorney can work with you and your child to help prevent this incident from marking his record permanently. Our website has more information about what you can do to successfully resolve such situations.

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