Avoid an underage drinking charge on your record

Avoid an underage drinking charge on your record

Decades ago, it was normal for young people to have a drink, even if he or she was a minor. Today, that’s not the case, and drinking as a minor can land you in hot water. Police will go to house parties, parties at fraternities or sororities and even to events and will test the people there for alcohol. If anyone has even a drop in his or her bloodstream, then the police can arrest him or her in Maryland.

One mistake or a single drink shouldn’t lead to your life being changed due to an underage drinking charge. These charges can come up on job applications and can hurt a child’s reputation, making it hard to get a job, to participate in school activities and more.

In Maryland, it’s illegal for anyone under 21 to possess or drink alcohol. If a person under 21 is found to have a blood alcohol content that is 0.02 or higher, then he or she can be charged with underage drinking. Of course, there are other reasons a minor’s BAC may come back with a blood alcohol content over 0.02, like if the machine isn’t working correctly or if the minor is taking certain kinds of medications.

It’s true that police can be intimidating to minors, and they may give incriminating evidence on themselves without thinking about the consequences. It’s important that your child has someone to stand up for him or her, because an underage drinking charge is a misdemeanor that can go on his or her record. Our website has more information, so you can learn about these charges and how to avoid a conviction.

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