Why you should take your sex crimes charge very seriously

Why you should take your sex crimes charge very seriously

Criminal defendants who have been charged with a sex offense in Maryland should know that “minor” sex crimes do not exist in this state. In fact, the vast majority of sex crimes require registration on the sex offender registry — an archaic practice that can cause professional and personal consequences that you may not have ever imagined. Even one of the less-serious charges — such as prostitution or soliciting a prostitute — can cause major damage to your professional life and future.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, you need to know that you have rights under the law. Sex crimes comprise a wide range of alleged violations, ranging from prostitution to rape to child molestation. Even indecent exposure is considered a prosecutable sex crime in Maryland.

The most important step you can take after being arrested on sex crimes allegations: Stop talking to the police. No matter how friendly they may seem, police officers have one goal, and that is trying to get incriminating information out of the people they apprehend. They may try to isolate you, frighten you and pressure you into confessing. Instead of talking to police officers, you should be talking to your experienced criminal defense attorneys, who can provide assistance that can protect your legal rights.

In the Internet age, more and more criminal defendants are finding themselves being subject to penalties because of police “stings” online. These defendants — and others accused of sex crimes — deserve the full protection of the court, and they should not be considered guilty simply because they were arrested. Consulting an experienced legal team may maximize the outcome of your criminal defense case, potentially protecting your professional life and personal reputation from the tarnish associated with sex crimes. You can learn more about sex crime penalties and charges on our webpage.

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