What is the right to a speedy trial in Maryland?

What is the right to a speedy trial in Maryland?

Many people in Maryland know that they have a right to a lawyer or an attorney, based on the Sixth Amendment. While this part of the law has become popular, that is by no means all that the Amendment does. It also gives people the right to a speedy trial, and that trial is supposed to be carried out by a jury that has no bias regarding the case. What does this really mean?

At its essence, this part of the Amendment just means that things cannot drag on for too long after a person is arrested on state or federal charges. After all, they may be held in jail until their trial. Whether they are guilty or innocent — but especially if they are innocent and expect to be released — they want to to get to court quickly to get things sorted out. The Sixth Amendment promises that this will happen.

Now, the problem can be in deciding exactly what is meant by a reasonable length of time that the trial can be delayed. Many states have set forth time limits; however, there can be various delays that are excusable, and it really depends on what type of charges have been filed and the specifics of the individual case, so no two cases may end up being exactly the same.

However, the most important thing to know is that the violation of the right to a quick trial could get the case thrown out entirely. If a person feels that they have been kept waiting for too long, they can ask the court to dismiss the case. The court then has to decide if the delay was justified or if the person’s rights were actually violated.

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