Protect yourself against robbery accusations in Maryland

Protect yourself against robbery accusations in Maryland

There are plenty of situations that can be misconstrued into something they aren’t. Consider a situation where you stay overnight at an acquaintance’s house. Maybe you even slept together. In the morning, he or she decides you’re trespassing and reports you to the police, claiming you’re there to rob the home. Even though this isn’t true, you could be charged with breaking and entering unless you can prove that you were there legitimately.

If you’ve been accused of a crime like breaking and entering or robbery, you need to understand the full implications of the charges. In Maryland, theft of property or money with the use of force can be categorized in a number of ways, potentially making the crime a felony.

Robbery is different than burglary because it tends to assume that victims were present and that they were threatened with harm. An aggravated or armed robbery is more severe than a burglary that happens when no one is around due to the potential for victims to be hurt or killed. Certain types of robberies fall under federal jurisdiction, which means they can be charged as felonies. These include bank robbery, hijacking commercial vehicles for interstate travel, and other kinds of interstate crimes.

Being accused of these crimes can put your life on hold, threaten your job, and result in stress on your family. It’s important to defend yourself from the start to prevent media coverage that paints you in a negative light or accusations that aren’t true turning into charges. Our website has more information on theft, burglary, and robbery, so you can learn more about what you may be facing with your case.

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