What happens if you violate probation?

What happens if you violate probation?

If you violate probation, you could be in trouble with the courts. A violation can result in you returning to prison or suffering other consequences, like heavy fines or extended probationary periods.

Violations of probation are usually spelled out for you, so you don’t make the mistake. However, it can be possible to mistakenly violate parole by forgetting to go to a court date, forgetting to call or visit your probation officer, or not paying a fine you’re meant to pay.

Once the probation has been violated, you’ll either receive a warning or a request to appear in front of the court. Probationary officers have discretion in this situation, so if it was a sincere mix-up, you may be able to get away with a warning. Beware, though, because a probation officer also gets to determine the kind of penalties that are requested. Your attorney may want to discuss what happened with the probation officer, so he or she can talk with you about the potential penalties you’ll be facing.

If you are found guilty of violating your probation, then you will have to face sentencing after your hearing. You may have to go to jail for a short time, or you may have to serve a remaining sentence when your probation is revoked. Before you’re found guilty, you will have a chance to explain yourself to the judge. You can work with your attorney to show why you violated your probation and explain how you can prevent it from happening again. With the right attitude and explanation, it may be possible to lessen your sentence or to have your probation violation dropped

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