Maryland allows expungement of misdemeanor crimes

Maryland allows expungement of misdemeanor crimes

If you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor crime in Maryland or have one on your record, your luck may be changing. Your attorney may now be able to help you remove the crime from your record, so you can face your future with a clean slate. Whether you’ve been convicted of underage drinking, being in possession of alcohol or using drugs, you’re in a position where you may be able to get a second chance in the eyes of the law.

On Oct. 1, Maryland’s laws changed to make way for underage and adult people who have been convicted of crimes to start fresh. When you’re accused of misdemeanor crimes, your criminal record is affected, and that can make getting a job or home difficult when you’re older. Now, it may be much easier.

According to a statement about the new laws, people with nonviolent misdemeanor convictions may be able to have them removed from their public record. It’s been found unfair that you wouldn’t have been able to have these crimes — many of which were committed at a young or impressionable age — removed from your record or sealed away from the public.

Criminal records and black marks on those records can make it hard to find good housing or to get a job. The change means that many people who have minor convictions still struggle to live normally in society, even though they’ve paid their dues. Now, those convictions can either be shielded from the public or expunged from the person’s record completely. Our website has more information on this change and how it can help you start anew.

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