Why should I get an expungement?

Why should I get an expungement?

When you are convicted of a crime, one of the things you may be worried about is how that crime is going to affect you in the long term. One of the ways you can help yourself is by going through the expungement process. This court-ordered process seals your criminal record, which means it’s unable to be seen in most circumstances.

When an expungement is awarded to you, your arrests or convictions are sealed away from the public eye. That means that for the most part, no one will be able to see that part of your past. However, there are some cases where your record may be opened, like if the federal government needs to see your criminal record.

Your past may be used in some cases, like if you’re going through deportation proceedings or immigration proceedings or commit another crime following the expungement. The reason for this is that the expunged record will be able to be used as proof that you had a prior conviction, which might be a factor in your newest case.

When you want to get your record expunged or feel that your expunged record may affect you, your attorney can help you work through the legal implications. In most situations, your expunged records should not show up when employers, companies, or educational institutions look up your criminal record. If it is still affecting you after expungement, it’s wise to reach out and speak to the courts, because there could be something wrong or something that has not been handled correctly in the paperwork required.

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