Protect yourself against lasting harm from felony charges

Protect yourself against lasting harm from felony charges

If you are convicted of a felony, you may have a life of challenges ahead of you. The penalties associated with a felony don’t just affect you for a few years; many of the penalties don’t have time limits at all. For instance, did you know that in some places, even ex-convicts can’t vote, get driver’s licenses, seek public housing or food stamps or adopt? No matter what your crime was, you won’t be able to own a firearm, either.

When you’re first accused of a felony crime, you may think you’ll be able to walk away unscathed even if you’re convicted. Maybe you’d serve a short time in jail or be able to get away with paying a fine; the truth is, even if you have a lesser penalty from the courts, your felony could follow you throughout the rest of your life.

You might think you could go back to school with federal aid to help yourself move forward in life, but even that might be difficult. It’s common for ex-convicts to be banned from being able to seek out governmental aid for obtaining a professional license or to attend a college or university. You might not be able to hold a public position in the government, and even if you seek a normal private-sector job, you’ll likely still have to report your criminal past for review.

You deserve a second chance or the opportunity to defend yourself against unfair charges and allegations. Our website has more about what to do if you’re facing a felony charge and want to defend yourself.

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