Is sexting a friend illegal if you are a minor?

Is sexting a friend illegal if you are a minor?

Internet crimes come in many forms, but in reality, not all Internet crimes actually take place online. One common internet crime that comes up in court is called sexting. Sexting is essentially texting involving sexual topics and descriptions. Sexting can be the transmission of nude photos, suggestive materials or image-based items. Sexting can be completely text-based, but it doesn’t have to be.

Sexting, when between consenting adults, isn’t anything the courts worry about. The problem comes when images of minors or individuals who don’t want their images on the Internet or a text message are used. If a minor sends a sexual image through a text, it can even be seen as child pornography.

As a minor or young adult, you don’t consider the fact that you can be accused of Internet crimes for sending images of your own body, but it’s completely possible. Any transmission of sexual images of a child (that’s anyone under the age of 18) is a crime. Getting caught in this position can lead to long-term consequences and even could land you on the sex offender registry.

It has been long argued that sexting between minors shouldn’t be seen as child pornography, but the laws against child pornography are strict. It can come down to the opinion of the court and prosecutors on what kind of charges can be placed, and if you run afoul of the child pornography laws, you’ll need to have a strong defense in position to explain yourself. Sexting itself is not strictly monitored by the courts, so there is some leeway in the way these cases can be treated.

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