Defending against weapons charges in Maryland

Being charged with a violent crime is one thing. Being charged with a violent crime that includes weapons charges is another thing entirely different. Indeed, weapons charges will elevate the severity of punishments associated with a conviction exponentially. Therefore, Baltimore residents will want to make sure that their criminal defense is spot-on in any kind of criminal matter relating to weapons charges.

Another thing that makes weapons charges particularly challenging in Baltimore is the fact that the city happens to be one of the most violent in the nation, where its residents are frequently accused of weapons charges. What this means means is that local prosecutors have a great deal of experience with what it takes to successfully convict a defendant. If federal police are also working with local law enforcement in your case, your defense may become even more challenging.

At the Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr., we have a great deal of experience with weapons charge cases, too. We have handled the defense of hundreds of criminal matters. Some of the more common cases we have defended include charges relating to concealed weapons, unauthorized or illegal weapons, the use of a weapon while committing a felony, unregistered weapons and a great deal more.

At the end of the day, whomever you choose to represent you in your criminal proceedings, make sure you select a defense attorney with extensive state and federal trial experience in the state of Maryland. A lawyer with extensive and regular court experience will probably have worked with the judge presiding over your case before, and will probably have worked with the police officers and prosecutors involved your case. Knowing who and what you are up against is an invaluable asset to any defendant who is defending against weapons charges of any kind.