Former Baptist minister faces 22 counts of sex crimes in Maryland

Marty Madden, reporting for the Bay Net, says that the defense lawyer representing a former Baptist minister against child sex abuse charges has said no to the prosecutor’s offer to plead guilty to a portion of those charges (the prosecutor wants him to plead guilty to five out of the 22 counts).

The deck seems somewhat stacked against the former Baptist minister – having been convicted of similar sex offenses in Florida and having been required to be registered as a sex offender as a result – but saying no to the prosecutor likely brings them closer to trial, at which point he’ll try his chances in front of a Maryland jury.

The 63-year-old man has been charged with a variety of crimes, all of them sex offenses, alleged to have been perpetrated over a five year period (1995-2000), presumably while he was performing his duties as a Baptist minister. The number of counts indicates that he faces significant time behind bars if he is convicted, even if he takes a plea deal, like the one offered by the prosecutor, which might explain why his defense attorney turned the offer down.

Source: Registered Sex Offender Rejects Plea Deal