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When people ask about my experience and approach to criminal defense law, I respond, “I’m a trial lawyer, plain and simple.” I am in court almost every working day of my life, usually multiple times per day.

Since 1992, I’ve helped thousands of clients and have handled thousands of hearings and trials in Baltimore, Catonsville, Annapolis, Bel Air. In fact, I have represented clients in every county in Maryland and most of the courtrooms throughout the state.

I am a trial lawyer, plain and simple. — Attorney Jim Crawford

I am a member of the Trial Lawyers Association of America, as well as the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys’ Association (MCDAA). Along with the other criminal defense attorneys in the firm, I am experienced in handling both minor offenses such as theft and traffic violations and serious offenses such as sex crimes that can result in lifetime registration as a sex offender.

I recently handled one of the largest drug distribution cases in the country, involving drugs smuggled into the United States from China by Egyptian airline pilots.

No matter what criminal charges you face, my job is to protect your reputation, your freedom, and your future. To learn more about the attorneys at my firm, click on one of the following links.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland

If you face criminal charges, contact me, James Crawford, before you talk to a detective or any type of law enforcement officer. I am available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I offer a free initial consultation.

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