First-Degree Murder

First-degree murder is the intentional killing of another person with willfulness, deliberation, and premeditation. In order to convict someone of first-degree murder, the prosecution must prove:

  • that the conduct of the defendant caused the death of the victim;
  • that the killing was willful, deliberate, and premeditated;
  • that the killing was not justified; and
  • that there were no mitigating circumstances.

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“Willful” means that the defendant actually intended to kill the victim.

“Deliberate” means that the defendant was conscious of his or her intent to kill.

“Premeditated” means that the defendant thought about the killing and that there was enough time before the killing, though it may have been brief, for the defendant to consider the decision whether or not to kill, having had enough time to weigh the reasons for and against the choice.

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I do not take my job as a criminal defense lawyer lightly. And there is no doubt about it: first-degree murder charges are some of the most serious charges that you can face, requiring the help of a serious, experienced, trial lawyer. I’ve been defending people against violent crime charges like murder and homicide since 1992.

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