Professional License Defense Lawyer in Maryland

A professional license means a license to practice your profession, to earn a living doing what you know how to do. As a Baltimore criminal defense attorney, I have been defending people against charges throughout my entire career, since 1992.

Professional license protection is no different – to those who face the suspension or complete loss of their professional license to practice law or medicine, the consequences are just as severe as in some criminal cases, in terms of the loss of work, reputation and career.

It comes down to defending my clients’ rights to continue practicing their profession and earn a living. If you face the suspension or loss of your professional license, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney focused on professional license defense. Call 443-709-9999.

Defending Your Right to Earn a Living

From the Maryland Board of Physicians and the Attorney Grievance Commission to the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, these organizations are tasked with overseeing the health, safety, and well-being of the Maryland public and individual citizens. These organizations generally have the power to temporarily suspend your license, impose terms of discipline, and even revoke your professional license entirely. The Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing oversees more than 24 different professions.

We represent the following types of professionals after a criminal arrest:

  • Physicians, Nurses, and other Health Care Professionals;
  • Teachers and Certified Educators;
  • Lawyers and Students in Law School;
  • Members of the Military;
  • Law Enforcement Officers;
  • Architects; Engineers; Public accountants;
  • Ship captains (pilots);
  • HVAC contractors;
  • Plumbers and electricians;
  • Real estate brokers;
  • Inspectors; and
  • Appraisers.

When it comes to attorneys and physicians, any number of circumstances and cases can result in temporary restrictions on practice, or outright revocation. Almost anyone can be disciplined for alcohol or drug addiction when that addiction impacts patients and clients.

Doctors are also typically disciplined for wrongful prescribing of narcotics, accepting payment for referrals, medical malpractice, and criminal convictions. Attorneys can also be disciplined (and disbarred) for certain criminal convictions, as well as legal malpractice and mishandling client funds, among other things.

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Professional license protection means defending your right to practice law or medicine, earn a living, and enjoy a career. And I’ve been defending people since 1992.