Attorney for Bond Hearings in Baltimore, Maryland

If you are in jail pending trial on criminal charges, your first priority, obviously, is to get out. I can help you do that either by posting bail or by helping you get released on your own recognizance. In certain circumstances, however, the court can order you held without bond until trial.

My name is James Crawford. For the past 18 years, I have helped people in Baltimore, Catonsville, Annapolis, Bel Air and other parts of Maryland get out of jail so they can work and be with their families.

What Does It Mean to Be Released on My Own Recognizance?

The best way to be released from jail is “on your own recognizance.” This means that the commissioner finds, based upon the type of crime and your background, that you are to be trusted and can be released without paying bail.

In determining whether to release you on your own recognizance, the commissioner will consider the seriousness of the crime, your criminal record, the danger you may pose to the community, your ties to your family and community, and whether you are employed.

It always helps to be represented by an attorney. I know what facts and arguments will help convince the commissioner to release you on your own recognizance.

What Is Bail?

Bail is an amount of money you may be ordered to pay to be released from jail pending trial. Most people hire a bail bondsman, who will ask you to pay a certain percentage (either 10 percent or less) of the required bail. The commissioner may allow you to instead post cash bail and/or equity in real property. If you do not appear for trial, bail is forfeited.

If you appear for trial, any cash bail or property you posted will be returned to you. If you pay a bail bondsman to post bail, however, that money will not be returned.

My law office offers a 24-hour bail bonds service through a highly qualified bail bondsman. If you need to be bailed out of jail in Maryland, call me toll-free at 443-709-9999. I am available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If the commissioner denies bail, you will be held in jail until your trial. As your attorney, I can appeal to the court to release you.

What if I am Denied Bail after an Arrest in Maryland?

If you were denied bail after an arrest in Baltimore or elsewhere in Maryland, the next step is bail review before a judge. At this stage, you plead your case to the judge as to why you should be released from jail before trial.

Bail review is a hearing where your attorney can appeal to the court to release you.There are a number of things wrong with the system now – many people are unnecessarily held for relatively minor offenses, or they cannot afford to post bail, or the amount is high enough it practically amounts to extortion. In any case, a lawyer can significantly improve your chances of a fair result.

Simply having a lawyer present – whether at the commissioners hearing after arrest or, if your bail was denied, at bail review in the courtroom, can mean the difference between staying in jail until trial and getting to go home.

You’ve got your life, your family, and your job to go home to – let me argue on your behalf to try to make that happen.

Finding an Attorney for the Bond Hearings in Baltimore, MD

If you face criminal charges then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your first appearance in front of the judge. We can explain to you the best way to get the lowest bond set in your case.

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