Classified / Online Prostitution Ads Arrest

The worst part about getting charged with a prostitution-related crime is what can happen to your life. I get it. As a criminal defense attorney in Baltimore, MD, I’ve represented people against all types of criminal charges, from misdemeanors to felonies.

I’ve also represented clients charged with sex-related crimes involving a classified ad on of the following: Backpage Escorts or Personal Ads, or Craigslist Personal Ads. Many of these cases involve a sting operation by undercover law enforcement officers or confidential informants.

I know it’s not easy for my clients. These accusations can impact their job, relationship, career, and good name. For a free consultation, call 443-709-9999 or send me an email.

Backpage or Craigslist Prostitution Sting Operation in Maryland

Craigslist and Backpage are just two of the most prominent places for free classified ads. There are many other sites for online adult advertising. And the police are on all of them hoping to make a prostitution arrest.

There’s a definite gray area when it comes to adult advertising on,, and the Internet. It seems to revolve around the keywords “adult services,” but that casts a pretty broad net, from legitimate dating to allegations of sex trafficking.

The police cast a broad net, too, and while you might have thought some activity on Craigslist and Backpage was perfectly legal, you may instead find yourself facing charges.

Attorney for Prostitution-Related Crimes in Maryland

I am Jim Crawford, and since 1992 I have helped defend people against all kinds of charges for sex crimes, from misdemeanors to felonies. I have defended people throughout Maryland who faced prostitution arrest charges including:

  • Classified Ads (Backpage Escorts Ads, Backpage Personal Ads, Craigslist Personals, Backpage) prostitution arrest
  • Prostitution stings including Craigslist and Backpage prostitution stings

If you’re facing an arrest for prostitution in Baltimore, Maryland, or were involved in a Craigslist or Backpage prostitution sting, contact me online or call 443-709-9999 for a free consultation.