Internet Chat Room Crimes

Many charges for the online solicitation of a minor begin with a conversation in an internet chat room. Law enforcement officers allege that “sexual predators” prefer Internet chat rooms over Facebook.

As a result, the police regularly monitor chat rooms and impersonate other people in chat rooms and on instant messenger programs. In these elaborate sting operations, undercover officers work to build a case against someone for a felony offense like sexual solicitation of a minor.

Attorney for Internet Chat Room Crimes in Baltimore, MD

If you were charged with the online solicitation of a minor that began in on internet chat room, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates in Baltimore, MD. During the initial consultation, you can talk with an attorney about the charges pending against you, the potential penalties, and important defenses to these serious charges.

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Chat Rooms and Online Solicitation of a Minor

Being accused of online solicitation of a minor or an Internet chat room crime can ruin your life. You may have engaged in perfectly innocent behavior – even if it was sexual solicitation – and yet find yourself facing charges. I’ve been defending people against these types of sex charges since 1992, before chat rooms were even in widespread use.

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How a Chat Room Can Get You in Trouble

Originally used to share text and have a conversation, chat rooms have expanded to include all types of activity, including online sex. By itself, online sex is generally not illegal, but it doesn’t take much before you suddenly find yourself being accused of “luring” a minor into a private chat or web-cam session.

In Maryland, the law centers on the age of the alleged victim and the intent of the alleged perpetrator. Felony solicitation of a minor in chat rooms for online sex (and other child sex abuse charges) still have to be proven – although the prosecution will do all it can to prove it.

Finding a Sex Crimes Attorney in the State of Maryland

It’s your right to do what you want online, but it’s also quite easy to cross the line and find yourself facing Internet chat room charges, even spending years in prison because of it. Don’t let that happen to you.

Our criminal defense attorneys represent men and women charged with felony sex crimes in Baltimore, Maryland, and the surrounding areas.

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