Human Trafficking

In Maryland, crimes related to human trafficking are set forth in § 11-303 of the Criminal Law Article. Maryland’s human trafficking statute prohibits a person from knowingly doing the following:

  • take or cause another to be taken to any place for prostitution;
  • place, cause to be placed, or harbor another in any place for prostitution;
  • persuade, induce, entice, or encourage another to be taken to or placed in any place for prostitution;
  • receive consideration to procure for or place in a house of prostitution or elsewhere another with the intent of causing the other to engage in prostitution or assignation;
  • engage in a device, scheme, or continuing course of conduct intended to cause another to believe that if the other did not take part in a sexually explicit performance, the other or a third person would suffer physical restraint or serious harm; or
  • destroy, conceal, remove, confiscate, or possess an actual or purported passport, immigration document, or government identification document of another while otherwise violating or attempting to commit these acts.

The criminal charge of “human trafficking” involving an adult victim is charged as a misdemeanor and subject to maximum penalties of 10 years imprisonment and/or a fine of $5,000. The crime of “human trafficking” involving a victim who is a minor is charged as a felony and subject to maximum penalties of 25 years imprisonment and/or a fine of $15,000.

In many prosecutions for prostitution in Maryland, the person accused of the crime will raise an affirmative defense of duress if the defendant committed the act as a result of being a victim of an act of another who was charged with violating the prohibition against human trafficking under federal law or Criminal Law Article, § 11-303.

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