Impact of An Arrest

When someone is arrested, a record of their arrest can linger in electronic databases and files forever. Often, those who have been arrested seek employment and find that many jobs inquire about an applicant’s criminal history.

Depending on the job you are applying for and the criminal offense you were charged with, employers may choose not to hire you based on your criminal history. If you are working with children or vulnerable adults such as those who are mentally ill or are elders, you will be required by law to have a background check from the Criminal Records Bureau upon applying.

If you do not answer honestly on an application, you could lose professional licenses or certifications, or be terminated from a job.

Baltimore, Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers

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The Impact of an Arrest for Someone Seeking a Professional License

Landing a slot in a graduate or professional school is competitive and selective. Graduate and professional programs seek not only the best academic applicants but also those who have good character.

Anyone applying to graduate or professional school will be confronted with questions about their criminal history. The concerns many people who have been arrested have are what events they should disclose. The answer varies depending on state laws, among other things.

In order to properly answer criminal disclosure questions on graduate or professional school applications, you must carefully read each question.  Some applications include an opportunity to address any past arrests or convictions in an optional essay or statement.

If your case has been sealed or pardoned, other laws and provisions may apply in regards to disclosing the matter so it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  The lawyers of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates  can help you determine what needs to be disclosed and can inform you of the consequences of withholding criminal information.

Misrepresenting or withholding criminal information on a graduate or professional school application could doom the applicant even more than simply disclosing the prior crime, especially if the initial infraction was minor or it occurred a long time ago.

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The impact of an arrest can be very harmful to a person’s life if not handled with an aggressive defense

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