Federal Indictment Defense Lawyer in Maryland

In federal pre-trial indictment investigations, the prosecutor has one goal: to obtain an indictment against you. An indictment will allow the prosecutor to bring a formal criminal complaint.

And the complaint itself will explain the charges against you. In federal pre-trial indictment investigations, the police and prosecutor will conduct themselves with an eye toward getting that indictment.

Unfortunately, getting an indictment often means depriving people of justice before they’ve even had a chance to defend themselves.

I am Baltimore pre-trial investigation lawyer Jim Crawford. In my career as a trial lawyer, I have defended people throughout Maryland in thousands of cases, both state and federal. I know how easily the government can intrude into someone’s life and threaten his or her freedom and property. If you are under investigation, contact me today at 443-709-9999.

Baltimore Defense Attorney in Your Hour of Need

Many people associate an arrest and formal criminal charges as the hour of need when they should call an attorney. But the “hour of need,” as I refer to it, really begins as soon as the police have come knocking on your door, with or without a warrant.

Federal pre-trial indictment investigations often involve:

  • Grand jury proceedings, with allegations of white collar crime or violent crimes;
  • Different types of search and arrest warrants, constitutional or not; Search and seizure of evidence, with or without a warrant;
  • Scientific lab analysis of DNA and other biological material during the investigation.

And what do federal (and state) pre-trial investigations generally do to the person suspected of having committed a crime? They cause fear – and fear is a big factor when you’re weighing your options. My goal in representing you is to remove some of your fear.

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That’s why you should contact me, federal criminal lawyer James Crawford, as soon as possible if you believe you’re under investigation. I make myself available to my clients and potential clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 443-709-9999. I offer a free initial consultation.