Possessing Fake I.D. in Maryland

Maryland currently has fifty-five (55) post-secondary educational, degree-granting, institutions in the state of Maryland. When most students enter the college atmosphere, they are under the legal drinking age. Even before college, high school students may possess fake identification in order to purchase alcohol or enter a night club.

What most students do not know, however, is that simply possessing a fake I.D. in Maryland is considered a crime. High and college students can harm their academic careers if they find themselves caught with a criminal charge for possessing fake I.D.

Parents and students need to be vigilant and knowledgeable about fighting for their rights when caught with fake identification.

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Elements of Possessing a Fake Identification Offense in Maryland

Under Section § 8-303 of the Maryland Criminal Codes, an individual may be convicted of possessing a fake I.D., if he or she does any of the following with fraudulent intent:

  • possesses a fictitious or fraudulently altered government identification document;
  • displays causes, or allows to be displayed a fictitious or fraudulently altered government identification document;
  • displays or represents as the person’s own a government identification document that was not issued to that person; or
  • lends a government identification document to another, or knowingly allows the use of the person’s government identification document by another.

What is Considered a Fake I.D.?

According to Section § 8-303 of the Maryland Criminal Code a “government identification document” includes one of the following documents issued by the U.S. government or any state or local government:

  • a birth certificate
  • an immigration visa
  • a social security card
  • a passport
  • a military identification
  • a marriage license
  • an adoption decree
  • an alien registration card
  • an employment authorization card
  • a photo identification card or
  • a driver’s license

Penalty for Possessing a Fake I.D. in Maryland

A person who is found guilty of possessing fake identification for any purpose under Section § 8-303 of the Maryland Criminal Code is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Upon conviction, an individual may be subject to up to six (6) months in prison and up to $500 fines.

Additional Resources

Section § 8-303 –Visit the official website of the Maryland General Assembly for the full statutory language concerning fake identification, along with examples of government identification and penalties for conviction.

Fake Identification While DUI – The official website of the Motor Vehicle Administration under the Maryland Department of Transportation has a full analysis on the penalties for being pulled over while driving under the influence while in possession of a fake identification card. The link provided is to a printable pdf document that outlines the instructions for the penalties for being caught with fake identification while driving in Maryland. The MVA website also has information on possessing and consuming alcohol with a fake identification card.

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It is difficult to get into college with a misdemeanor on your record. Moreover, being placed on academic probation because of drinking with a fake I.D. can create serious obstacles to finishing your degree. If you or someone you know has been criminally charged with possessing a fake identification card, call one of the experienced criminal defense attorneys at James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates.

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