What is Inappropriate Touching?

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Increased public attention to sex crimes against children has led to an increase in false accusations of crimes such as inappropriate touching of a minor/child. Teachers, dentists, daycare workers, doctors and other professionals who have contact with children are at risk of life-changing consequences even in cases where the charges are baseless.

At the Law Offices of James E. Crawford Jr. & Associates, LLC, our job is to protect your reputation and your future if you are accused of inappropriate touching of a minor/child. Our Baltimore sex crimes attorneys defend people throughout Maryland who have been charged with inappropriate touching and other Baltimore sex crimes attorneys. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

What Is Considered Inappropriate Touching?

Inappropriate touching involves touching another person or asking to be touched in an area of the body that could be considered sexual in nature. The seriousness of the charge depends on factors such as the age of the alleged victim, subjective information and the alleged act itself. You could be subject to jail time and sex offender registration as well as lengthy probation and fines if you are convicted.

Examples of inappropriate touching of a child/minor may include:

  • Touching private parts such as breasts, buttocks or even typical "nonsexual" areas of the body may be considered sexual in nature under some circumstances.
  • Typical sexual acts such as cunnilingus, analingus or oral sex all could be interpreted as statutory 3rd and 4th degree sex acts
  • An alleged victim simply sitting on the lap of a defendant and alleged gestures could induce a criminal prosecution.
  • Various circumstances that may "look" like inducement or solicitation of a sexual act to a minor may "appear" to be a crime, but in reality they are completely innocent.

Sometimes the best defense to an alleged crime such as improper touching is right before everyone's eyes: to look at the surrounding circumstances and put the pieces together. An effective advocate can make sure the state or federal government understands "all" the facts to make the playing field level.

Time Is Critical for Your Defense

If you have been charged with inappropriate touching of a minor/child in Maryland or think you are about to be charged, the sooner you contact a Baltimore defense lawyer, the better. Our goal in any sex crime case is to keep you from being charged if that is possible. Our defense team will use experts as needed to analyze and neutralize any evidence the state may have against you. As soon as you learn of an allegation, do not wait to contact a lawyer. Time can be a critical factor in determining whether you will be charged or whether the charges will be reduced. What you do before you are charged can be just as important as how you handle the case once you are charged.

Evidence in sex crime cases is often no more than the word of the alleged victim against the person charged. False accusations can occur in many circumstances, including divorce and child custody disputes. However, don't think that you can handle the situation yourself. You need an experienced professional to advise you every step of the way.

You should never talk to police or anyone other than your lawyer about the charges. What you say to police may not necessarily be what gets written in the police report, and you could end up damaging your case.

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